Place your bets

For me, I need to be motivated to do things. That goes for all things in life from mowing the lawn (I don't want another letter from the HOA) to writing up that quarterly report I've been putting off (I don't want my boss on my ass). Exercise is no different but it's so much harder to get motivated. "To be healthy" or "to lose weight" sound great and dandy but it won't get me to run outside in the nasty weather when I'm all comfortable sitting on the couch and feeling extremely lazy.

Motivation is different for everyone but what motivates me the most is competition. I get such satisfaction in beating someone, whether it be in a card game or basketball or drinking game. Anything. And to make it even more satisfying, I like to up the stakes by making bets... make it juicier since I need more than bragging rights. But I don't want your money. I want to embarrass you.

These days a $20 bet between each other won't really push a person anymore than without a bet. One would have to make a higher monetary bet, maybe like $1000 but then it could get really ugly since you're talking about serious money between friends... or should I say, former friends once the loser pays out.

So the next best thing is to bet on humiliation. No one wants to be embarrassed, laughed at... especially in public. Almost all of my bets revolve around embarrassment. I don't want your money but if I have to run around a crowded park shirtless, wearing tight Speedos, you're damn sure I'm doing anything to win that bet.

Here I am snowboarding shirtless because of a lost bet.
I've won plenty of embarrassing bets but I've had my fair share of loses too... but it won't stop me from making more bets. It's the only thing that gets me going. So I ask you...

What motivates you?