On The Road Again

On the road again, by Willie Nelson, is one of my favorite songs. When we moved to California I put Pandora on the Willie Nelson station and this was the first song that came on. It was a great way to start the trip!  I'm not writing about country music or Willie, but rather some tips on how to run or keep active when you are on the road.  The picture above was taken on my last trip (Bonita Springs, FL).

Plan ahead.  Schedule your workouts right along with you hotels, meetings, and dinners. I called Luke's Locker, in The Woodlands, and the runner on the phone told me exactly how to get to the National Forest and which trail to run! He was excited that I asked and was happy to explain how do do it. 

The hotel you choose is pretty important. I book those that; have a gym, serve a free hot breakfast, and are close to good running routes. 

Bring healthy snacks along with you to keep your energy up throughout the day. Before I started doing this I always chose eating over running because I was too hungry after work to run. All i wanted to do was eat!  This led to me overeating and then being too full to run!  Cliff Bars don't get smashed in your luggage and contain enough protein and carbs to hold me over and keep me energized. 

Travel with a dirty clothes bag and a shoe bag to keep the running clothes separate from your work clothes. I pack my running shoes in a shoe bag and I bring along a Baggallini for the trip home, which I check.  I just wash my clothes in the shower with soap, but you could bring a small amount of Woollite or Sports Wash with you instead.  I may try this on my next trip.

I would like to hear what tips you guys have when you travel.  Post replies please and happy running y'all!